Bullrun Moonboys Club 2021

BMC is a collection of 2,021 crypto culture inspired NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Each Moonboy will give you exclusive access to the BMC coin and NFT calls Discord channels and a free airdropped Bearmarket Moonboy NFT in 2022.

Whitelist Open Now


Be a Part of Crypto History

Bullrun Moonboys Club is inspired by the wacky and wonderful 2021 crypto bullrun. Each BMC has a collection of traits taken from crypto pop culture that only Degens like us would understand.

In honor of the greatest crypto bullrun in history (so far), the BMC collection will be limited to only 2,021 NFTs.

Free Airdrops! For each Bullrun Moonboy you hold, you will receive one Bearmarket Moonboy after the crypto bullrun ends in 2022. The Bearmarket Moonboys will be a collection of 2,022 NFTs that will take inspiration from bear market crypto culture as well as from the BMC community. 

Exclusive Whitelist

The Bullrun Moonboys Club whitelist will be limited to 500 spots. Each of the first 500 BMCs will have exclusive traits that will only be available for whitelist minters.

There will also be 5 ultra rare Moonshot Bullrun Moonboys that will only be available to whitelist minters. The 5 ultra rare Moonshot edition Moonboys will be randomly minted within the first 500 BMCs.

Whitelist access will be available exclusively from our Discord.


We want to build the Best Coin and NFT Community

Our goal is to grow the best NFT and coin call community on Discord and beyond. With the Crypto and the NFT market, bearmarket or bullmarket, there are always opportunities. We want to build a community that is always passionately finding and sharing this data with our exclusive group.

More than just an NFT! Being part of the Bullrun Moonboy Club will grant you access to exclusive Discord channels with NFT and Crypto coin calls, shilling channels, live group streams on Twitter and Discord, shared research docs, and exclusive Youtube videos (coming 2022).

Road Map


Join the club. Talk smack.
Meet other degens. Predict the future.

Meet the Team

His Damn Self

Moonboy has been a crypto enthusiast and "investor" since 2016. He is the personification of the phrase "fuck around and find out". Moonboy (formerly BitBlockMoon) is a full-time graphic designer and internet marketing specialist. He also bought Solana at $7 (and told all his friends who never listened to him) that Sol was going to be the biggest thing since ETH.


Bombardier is a full-time developer and part-time degenerate. His hobbies include trading jpegs, longing resistance, and turning bearish at support. He's been a web developer for 4 years and started developing for the blockchain in 2020. He ignored Moonboy when he told him that Solana was going to be huge, and he has to hear about it pretty much everyday.